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Several Reasons To Go Get An IPhone

The iPhone will make things much more convenient for you if you just know how to use it well. Read this article to make sure you are getting the most from your iPhone.

If you’re browsing the web through your iPhone, you should know you don’t have to type “.com” when you’re putting in a site’s address. Simply type in the main portion of the address. Your web browser will understand what you are saying and will put you on the right site. This is a simple, straightforward trick, but the time it saves you will really add up.

Should your iPhone become lost, Find My iPhone is an app that will help in locating the phone by map. But remember, you have to download the free app in advance and activate it for it to work. A message can be displayed or a loud ring can occur if it happens to be lost underneath the couch. If you think the phone was stolen, you can delete or lock data.

Although you might spend a lot of time surfing the Web or reading your email on your iPhone, did you realize how simple it can be to save an image to your phone too? This is simple. Just touch the photo that you want to save, and press down for a couple of seconds. You will see a pop-up box that offers you the choice to save that image.

The iPhone’s integrated camera can help you take terrific photos. The built in camera on your iPhone allows you to take lots of pictures. Once you are near your computer, download the pictures to keep your memory on your phone free. There’s no sense in wasting money on a digital camera when you have an iPhone.

If you’ve got clumsy tendencies, do yourself a favor and buy an iPhone case immediately. The glass is likely to shatter if your phone undergoes a significant impact without a case. A case can’t protect your phone from every danger, but keeping it in one will reduce the chance that it will be damaged or destroyed.

Your iPhone has the capability to take screenshots. Simply, find the screen you want a shot of and hold down your “home” button as you click your “sleep” button. The screen goes white, and that’s how you know you have a screenshot.

Your iPhone does not bode well to temperature variations. If you work outdoors in freezing temperatures, it is best not to keep your iPhone on your person. Exposing your iPhone to extreme cold can cause water to materialize inside of it.

You can set reminders based on location with your iPhone. Rather than saying “Siri, let me know to call my job at 5pm.” Instead, you can request: “Siri, tell me to contact the office when I reach my home.” Then, when the phone detects you’re at home, it will remind you to call work. You can still have your reminder even though you can’t predict when you will get home.

You can get to your favorites and controls instantly. Just go to your settings screen, then general and then home. Once there, you can customize by simply double clicking, then picking out the options that you’d like to customize. This is easy to do when you know the right steps.

You will need to download an app to allow your iPhone to function as a storage drive. This allows you to add different types of multimedia to your iPhone. All you will need to do is plug your phone into a computer to access the files, or you can open them on your phone.

Taking a screenshot is easy if you have the iPhone. To take a screenshot, press down on the power and home buttons at the same time. Be careful not to hold down on these buttons for too long, as this can create unwanted side effects. When you have taken your screenshot, your iPhone will send the image directly to your Photos application.

The advantage of the Safari browser on your iPhone is that you don’t have to add .com at the end of a URL when you are surfing the Web. Typing “Amazon” in the address bar will cause the Amazon page to load.

If you want to save space, don’t save videos that you don’t plan on watching any more. You will be offered the option to delete it from the phone once it has been viewed. Choose this option to free up more space in your phone.

You can be interrupted by notifications on your iPhone while you are using another application on the phone. You will likely want to finish your task before addressing the notice. The notification can quickly be rid of. Swipe away this bar when it comes up to eliminate it from your phone.

Taking full advantage of your iPhone’s multimedia capabilities just makes good sense! You can download television shows, movies, and other video clips, so that your iPhone can be an entertainment device wherever you go.

Did you know that if you like checking the weather, you can swipe the screen left or right so that you can toggle your six day forecast? You can find the weather application by looking under the notifications screen.

The picture quality on the iPhone is a great feature to make use of. It can be difficult to scroll through all of the photos you have taken if they are not sorted. The album feature can help you create more organization on your phone with your photographs. You will find picture locating much easier using this facility.

While the iPhone is one of the most useful and innovative devices out there, some people become frustrated while trying to scroll through long websites. There’s no need to! Tap the status bar up top on the screen and you instantly get brought back to the beginning of the page. This feature can really be a life saver when scrolling through extra long pages.

An iPhone is wonderful when it comes to organizing your everyday life, and other things as well, however the main thing is knowing how to use it. Apply the tips from above to use the iPhone to it’s fullest.

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