Tips And Advice To Fully Utilize Your Iphone

For those who aren’t into the latest technology gadgets and gizmos, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything the iPhone has to offer. There are many phones on the market that have similar functions. It can be a difficult decision to pick which smartphone has the best advantages over another. There is, though, one type of phone that has the world talking: the iPhone. Read on to discover tips and tricks on how to take advantage of what the iPhone can do.

It’s relatively easy to type with an iPhone, but setting up custom shortcuts for words makes it a lot easier. From the “settings” menu, go to “general, then to “keyboard”, and from there to “add new shortcut.” It is easy to input shortcuts for frequently used terms and phrases just by adding acronyms or abbreviated forms. When you start typing a word that’s been programmed, your phone will automatically fill it in for you.

Don’t expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures. For instance, if you need to go into frozen lockers or refrigerated areas frequently, do not take your phone. Exposing your iPhone to extreme cold can cause water to materialize inside of it.

If you are someone who loves checking out the weather, then there is a feature on the phone where you can simply slide your finger across and toggle between six-day forecasts and the current weather condition. The weather app can also be viewed from the Notifications screen.

You should be careful using the Siri voice command system with your iPhone if you are worried about your privacy. Siri quickly records and stores all of your important voice prompts on an internally hosted server. These files are stored in a secure location and are used for improving speech recognition, but it is good to be aware that your prompts may be recorded.

A great tip to implement when using the iPhone is to save the images you view directly from your browser. You simply have to touch and hold the image you want to save. A menu will pop up giving you an option to save.

Are you messaging the same people frequently? Save them to the phone in your favorites. Use your recent or favorite calls lists to call and text people. Tap onto the arrow located on contact and then select the text message button. That is a great way to determine what your missed calls were supposed to be about!

The FaceTime app is a great method for talking to others using your iPhone. This lets people actually see the person with whom they are speaking with. You can easily use this by going to the contacts area and searching for the button that says FaceTime. To begin a FaceTime conversation, simply press the button.

If your iPhone gets wet, you can dry it with rice. It is fairly common to drop an iPhone and get it wet. Do not use a hair dryer. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe it. Then, place the phone in a Ziploc bag that is full of rice. This should dry out the phone, usually after a few hours or by waiting until the following morning.

When your email is tagged to your iPhone, you’ll be alerted to email quickly on your phone. This will allow you to see your emails immediately. It is possible to link multiple accounts or a single one.

If adding the “.com” ending of website addresses on your iPhone is a chore, you don’t have to. All you need is the main portion of the address typed in and the browser should connect you with the proper site. The small amount of time you save can add up over thousands of searches.

You can speed up your browser usage by ditching the “www.” You can also get to .com quickly by making Google your default search device. If you use Google, you can simply type in the site’s name without adding the “www” or “.com” parts of the site address, and you will be directed to the site you desire.

Although you have your iPhone guarantee in a handy place, it is also a good idea to invest in an Apple Care Plan. You should be almost fully protected with both the warranty and a decent insurance policy. In order to make yourself doubly protected, invest in a decent case (one that will protect your iPhone if you drop it) too.

With your iPhone, you do not need to worry about your phone shaking when you take a picture. To do this, all you have to do is use your headphones’ volume controls. Steady your hand and prepare yourself to take a picture. Once you have your shot set, press a cord button.

Should your iPhone fall in water, wait before trying to turn it on. Attempt to dry the outside, and allow the inside moisture to dry out overnight. If you try and turn it on while it’s wet, you risk short circuiting the phone and ruining it.

If you operate an iPhone, you can use Facebook with it. Although some people are already aware of the iPhone’s Facebook app, others do not know how easy it is to use Facebook on an iPhone.

Do you know how to snap a screenshot of your iPhone? Once you are ready to take the screenshot, first hold the home button down, and then tap the sleep button as well. Once the screen turns white, you will know the screenshot is saved on your phone.

You may well feel that your iPhone’s word suggestions cost you more time than they save. If you do not want to receive suggestions when composing a message, just tap the screen to make the suggestion box go away. This will prevent you from tapping the “x” all the time.

Now do you know why no other phone is like the iPhone? None of the other smartphones is a rival for the iPhone when you consider functionality and power. With its many advantages, there is no reason not to own an iPhone.

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