The Ins And Outs Of Apples IPhone.

These days it seems everyone has an iPhone. The Apple iPhone is probably the most popular device of our time, but it can be tough to figure out. Keep reading to master your iPhone. You can quickly become an expert by following the advice in the article below.

To dry a soaked phone, use rice. You should of course avoid dropping your iPhone in water. Do not use a hair dryer. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe it. Then, place the phone in a Ziploc bag that is full of rice. You will find that the phone is dry within hours, or perhaps by the next day.

Whenever a new update is available for your iPhone, take the time to install it. Doing this ensures that your phone has all the latest options and software fixes. This causes you to make certain that all pictures and important data are stored elsewhere so that if your phone gets damaged, you will not lose everything.

In order to save your iPhone’s battery, decrease its brightness. All you need to do is go into your phone’s settings and scale back its brightness. You will save your battery, which is especially helpful if you need a fully charged phone.

You don’t have to append “.com” to web addresses while you are browsing. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. This is a simple little trick that saves you plenty of time while using your iPhone.

It is possible to create your own dictionary, complete with shortcuts, using your iPhone. This predictive feature saves time and makes communications a snap. You can program your phone with your own short cut phrases. The keyboard automatically corrects your typing as you go.

This article should have helped you gain some knowledge and experience with your iPhone. Now, use the advice provided to you. Apply these tips to discover all that the iPhone can do and become a master of the most amazing smartphone available today.

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