Iphone Tips You Really Need To Know About

Many people are interested in purchasing an iPhone, but are not sure how to use one. Fortunately, there are many resources available that can help you learn how to master the use of an iPhone, such as this article. Keep reading and learn some great tips for your iPhone.

If you would like your iPhone battery to last longer, dial down the brightness factor of your phone’s display. The phone has a brightness option within its settings area, and this can be amended easily. This will lengthen the time that the battery is powered between charges.

A screen protector is a wise investment for your iPhone. Without one, you’ll find that your iPhone screen will be subject to a lot of tiny scratches and minor nicks. Just having a tiny bit of dirt on a finger can create a scratch. A screen protector is essential.

Do you get too many notifications? There is a way to easily turn off the notifications. The first step is selecting the settings button, next select the notifications bar. While browsing the “Notification Center” area, look for apps that should not be there. As an added bonus, this should significantly improve your battery life.

Try snapping a photograph using the headphone cord. To begin, frame the picture that you are going to take. Push down on the cord’s button when you are ready to snap your picture. Your picture is recorded. You can save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

Do you want to add accents or umlauts to your message? Here’s how. Tap the particular letter in question and hold it down. A box that contains extra keys should pop up. You’ll have access to a complete range of special characters this way.

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you are aware of the things that your iPhone can do. The tricks here can make your iPhone experience smoother and spark your interest in learning more. Studying the information in this article will make you an iPhone expert.

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