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How To Use Your IPhone To Its Full Potential

Practically everyone seems to have an iPhone nowadays, but a lot of people do not know about its full capabilities. Are you concerned that your iPhone is not being used to its full potential? Keep reading if you are interested in learning how to use your iPhone more effectively.

You should stay calm if your iPhone freezes up. Use the Sleep/Wake button as the first remedy. However, should this fail, press the Home key with the sleep/wake button. Doing so should bring up the option to reset your iPhone by using the Power tab. After a few seconds, the phone should power up again.

It can be difficult to scroll through a tiny window when on your iPhone’s browser. Sometimes, you will be scrolling the main page, which can cost you time. You may want to zoom in to the window if you are experiencing a problem. Then use two fingers instead of one when scrolling through the list.

A phone can be taken on the iPhone without the phone being shaken while you hold it. You can just use the volume buttons on your Apple headphones. Begin by keeping your hand steady on the subject you’re capturing. Press the proper button on your headphone wire when the picture is ready to be taken.

Make sure you update your iPhone when you see new updates are available. Doing this ensures that your phone has all the latest options and software fixes. Updates also allow you to save your photos and important files to your computer.

Upgrade your operating system with the latest version. Since it is a small computer, the iPhone is complex. This means that adjustments and fixes are needed on occasion. Keeping your operating system updated is especially important if you access or store sensitive information on your phone.

Make use of all of the tutorials offered by Apple to really learn everything your iPhone can do. These tutorials can be quite helpful in navigating your phone. It might seem like a bit of a tedious process, but the tutorials are fun and informative. Just make sure to use them whenever you have an issue.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps for your phone. There are many iPhone apps and some of them are even free. When downloading apps, be careful that it comes from a trusted source.

If you want to go back to the page on top when reading a lengthy website, you do not need to spend too long scrolling. Press the grey status bar, and then you will go right to the beginning, near the address bar.

If you’re having trouble seeing the characters on your keyboard, you can have a bigger one. It’s not necessary to run out and purchase a new keyboard. Turn you iPhone sideways, then tap the Safari address bar, and viola! Your typing will be a lot faster and more precise with the bigger landscape-orientation keyboard.

The iPhone offers an extremely useful dictionary as a standard feature that is programed into the iOs of the phone itself. Put this useful tool to work for you as you deploy just about any application. To use it, simply press on any word and then tap “Define.”

Ever miss a great picture because you could not access your phone’s camera quickly enough? There’s a faster way to take pictures. With the screen locked, rapidly press the Home button a couple times. A miniature camera icon will be noticeable at the bottom. Finally, just tap on the camera and your camera should work immediately for your use.

You should be careful using the Siri voice command system with your iPhone if you are worried about your privacy. Siri quickly records and stores all of your important voice prompts on an internally hosted server. This is done to improve their speech recognition software. They do try to keep all files secure, though sometimes this is impossible.

When you’re finished typing a sentence on your iPhone, double click the space bar. This automatically places a period and can be quicker than having to enter one yourself. You can avoid having to use the numerical keyboard with this action as well.

You can easily message much faster using this simple trick. Dismiss any auto-correct suggestions while texting by tapping the screen anywhere. You do not have to click on the x displayed next to the word to dismiss it.

You can manipulate text to increase efficiency. Double-tapping a word automatically selects it. However, many do not realize you can select whole paragraphs using a similar technique. If you tap a block of text four times, the whole thing will be selected. This way, you can cut and paste a message with ease.

Remember that your iPhone is far from a one-trick pony. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market today. You can use the BlinqTV app (which is free) to make a remote of your phone. Your iPhone can be used to control your television, DVD player, or amplifier. You can also set up alerts that let you know when your favorite programs air.

For privacy, you can disguise your caller ID when calling someone. In settings, choose Phone and select Show Caller ID to off, which will block your number to the person receiving it. Also, this section gives you a brief reminder of the phone number for your device.

If you’d like to get hourly weather reports from your iPhone, all you need is the Weather app. A lot of people don’t know that when you click on local weather, you can get an breakdown for every hour in the next 12 hours’ weather. You can also ask Siri for the weather over the next few hours, and it will give a breakdown of that too.

While iPhones are not cheap, they can offer so many functions to enhance your lifestyle. If you already have an iPhone, you are aware of the great things it can do. Try employing a few of the tips and tricks suggested above to get even more out of your trusty iPhone.

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