How To Make Your IPad More Useful

iPads have many great features. Due to this, they are extremely popular. Their breakthrough technology requires a bit of teaching before you’re prepared to handle this device on your own. Thankfully, this article has all the tips you need. Keep reading to find out more.

If you use your iPad all the time to watch movies, listen to music and play games, the battery is not going to last very long. Adjusting screen brightness can help to lengthen your battery life. There is no reason to have the screen at full brightness in any situation.

iPads now support folders. Simply tap and hold the app. It will begin to make a wiggling motion, at which point you can drag and drop the icon onto another one. Doing so creates a folder containing both of these apps. You can also rename the folder easily.

Does your iPad prompt you to join new wifi networks all the time? This feature can be turned off if you go to the settings. Select Wi-Fi and then turn the Ask option off.

If you are sick and tired of being notified of a local Wi-Fi connection, change your settings. The Ask/Join networks feature can be used to facilitate this. By selecting that, you’ll no longer receive all of the invites.

Having your iPad chime every time you get an email can quickly become annoying. Were you aware that this feature can be disabled? Go into your settings, then choose the general tab. You should then select the Sounds menu. Turn off sounds for New Mail or reduce the volume.

The iPad is an incredibly popular tool, thanks to the array of usability options it offers. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t figured out all the features yet – it takes time to learn! By applying a few of the tips you have learned here, you will be off to a good start in achieving your goals for your new iPad. Have fun!

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